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Vapor Emission Control System
General Information
Vapour emission control system is intended for analyzing the waste vapour gas for oxygen gas content.
The system also includes the pressure transmitter which can monitor the pressure on the waste vapour line.
This system consists of two cabinets ;a detector cabinet in which the pressure transmitter, oxygen sensor, flow alarm sensor, sample selector valve and purge valve are included, and the monitoring & alarm panel on which the alarm unit, oxygen indicator are provided.
The detector panel in steel is installed on deck nearby the vapour manifolds and the monitoring & alarm panel is mounted in the cargo control room.
Principle of Operation
The sample tubes in the detector cabinet run from the sample point inlets to oxygen sampling selector valve and mode selector valve.
Exiting from this single tube is leading the chosen sample gas through filter between oxygen sampling selector valve and mode selector valve, and then finally passes the oxygen sensor, exhausted through the exhausting line on the cabinet panel.
The display shows the O2 concentration from 0.0 to 25.0V% O2 on the oxygen monitor and the High oxygen content alarm is activated at 8V% O2.
The Flow failure is also operated when the flow is stopped.
The display shows the pressure transmitted from waste vapor line on the vapor pressure indicator from 0 to 200mbar.
The Low pressure alarm is also activated at 10mbar and the High pressure alarm ;at 120mbar.
It is possible to increase or decrease the pressure alarm value freely and the external alarm output relay for all alarm can be provided as optional items.
Technical Specification
Main power supply : AC 110/220V, 50~60Hz
System power : DC 24V
Air supply : 4~7bar
Function : - Inert gas pressure display(0~200mbar)
                  - Inert gas high pressure alarm(120mbar)
                  - Inert gas low pressure alarm(10mbar)
                  - Oxygen content display(0~25% V% O2)
                  - Oxygen content high alarm(8 V% O2)
                  - Flow failure alarm(If the flow is stopped)
                  - External alarm(option)
Enclosure : EEx ia IIC T4
  Pressure Transmitter
Range : 0~200mbar
Power supply : 17~28vdc
Output : 4......20mA
Safety : EEx ia ⅡC T4
Accuracy : ±0.2% of F.S
Size : 48H×96W×112D
Input : 4......20mA
Output contact : High and Low alarm
  Oxygen Sensor
Range : 0~25% O2
Power supply : DC 24V
Output : 4......20mA
Safety : EEx ia ⅡC T4
Accuracy : ±2% of F.S
  Alarm Annunciator
10 channel type
Power supply : DC 24V
Function : Accept horn,
                 Accept flash,
                 Test function
Intrinsically safe detecting is applicable to all of inflammable fluids
All stainless steel material pressure sensor
Individual adjustable alarm for oxygen and pressure
Most advanced electronic technology for high reliability and durability.
  FL : Flow indicator
FS : Flow alarm sensor
F : Filter
C : Calibration gas connector
O2 : Oxygen sensor
PTX : Pressure transmitter for vapor
V1 : Oxygen sampling line(selecting valve)
V2 : Mode selection
V3 : Cleaning air stop valve
V4 : Test valve for press. transmitter
a : Port(F) c : ST’BD(F)
b : Port(A) d : ST,BD(A)

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