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Electric Pressure Type Tank Remote Sounding System
Operating Principle
The Hanla Level Transmitter is for continuously measuring the liquid
level of ballast tank, draft and fuel oil tank in the marine ships as well
as tanks containing media.
The PL-40 is a 2-wire, 4~20mA level transmitter consisting of a transducer and an amplifier connected via a submersible vented cable. Pressure change in the front of the diaphragm will bring about a capacitance change in the cell of the transducer.
This change will be transmitted to amplifier as a change in the electrical signal.
The PL-40 is manufactured in several ranges, and available. Especially the electro pressure type level transmitter can be connected to C.R.T. display cargo system, loading computer, indicator, and analogue type indicator to measure the actual level.
High measuring accuracy
Excellent stability
Capacitive transmitter with Ceramic diaphragm
High overload limit
High temperature stability
Corrosion resistance
No hysteresis
Marine class approval
Technical Specification
Output : 4 20mA adjustable
Accuracy :± 0.2% F.S at 20℃
Supply voltage : 12...28VDC
Range : Gauge 175mbar to 4bar / Absolute 1400mbar to 4bar
Overpressure : Gauge 6bar to 25bar / Absolute 10bar to 25bar
Diaphragm cell : Capacitive transmitter with ceramic diaphragm
   - Diaphragm : Ceramic
   - Sensor Body : Stainless steel 316L
   - Amplifier box : SCS 13(Indoor) /SCS 14(Outdoor)
   - Special cable : Sheathed polyethylene cable
Operating temperature range
   - Transducer : -40~125℃
   - Amplifier : -25~85℃
Protection class
   - Transducer : IP68/submersible
   - Amplifier : IP66(Indoor) /IP67(Outdoor)
Intrinsic safety : EEx ia c T6 (Max. 50m cable between transducer and amplifier box)
Cable length : 3m in standard(option : up to 50m)

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