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Independent Type Tank High/Overfill Alarm System(Magnetic Float Type)
HANLA’s cargo tank high/overfill alarm system is thoroughly designed according to USCG latest requirements, and are to be required by IBC code.
General Information
This alarm system consists of level alarm sensor, I.S barrier and alarm panel. When the liquid level reaches a set point, the reed switch in the alarm sensor is actuated by magnetic float.
This signal is connected to alarm annunciator through safety barrier. At the same time, we can get audible and visible alarm on the main alarm panel as well as external alarm on the bridge top. The 95% of volume is normally for high alarm and 98% of volume is normally for overfill alarm.
Most advanced electric technology for high reliability and durability.
Certified by major certifying authorities.
Designed for all kind of liquid.
Simple for construction.
Intrinsically safe designed unit is applicable to all kind of inflammable fluids.
Lifting type manual test device which can check the function.
These systems are used for the level alarm in cargo tanks of all kind of oil and chemical carriers.
Technical Specification
Model : High alarm:TMR-701T
              High and overfill alarm:TMR-702T
Conn. size : JIS 5K 100A(standard)
Conduit conn. size : JIS 5K 32A(standard)
Material : - Housing - SUS304
                - Flange - SUS304 or SUS316
                - Guide pipe - SUS316
                - Magnetic float - SUS316
Contact form/rating : SPST/250VAC, 0.5A
Accuracy : 5mm on level rise or fall ˚
Specific gravity : 0.65~1.5 ˚
Max. working temp : -25~+100℃
Alarm point : 95% of volume for high level alarm
                     98% of volume for overfill alarm
Protection : IP56 over
Safety : EEx ia IIC T6
Alarm Module
  Channel number : 16 contacts.
Alarm Input time delay : 0~99 sec.
Alarm escape time delay : 0~99 sec.
Channel outputs : NC or NO.
Common relay output.
Internal Buzzer.
Buzzer Stop button.
Flicker Stop button.
Supply voltage : 24 VDC(18~32 VDC).
Indication LEDs : 16xred/green, 1xyellow, 1xgreen
First alarm flashing.
Serial Communication : RS-485.
Channel setting : by internal rotary switch.
                          by windows setting program.
Power consumption : Max. 4.5 Watt at 24 VDC.
Operating temperature : -10 ℃ to +55 ℃ (70 ℃ peak).
Alarm module enclosure : standard DIN 144x144x86 mm.
Type code selection : AU-160D-AB.
                                  A : Channel Output.
                                  0 : None.
                                  1 : Isolated Output.
                                  B : Power.
                                  0 : 24VDC.
                                  1 : 100~240VAC
AU-160D : High Level Alarm, Overfill Alarm application.
                  Inhibit buttons for each channel.
                  Navigation function.
AU-160D(W) : Water Ingress Detection System application.
                        Overriding buttons for Pre-alarm.
Optional repeater unit : AU-160R by RS-485.

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