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LOADPLUS introduction
LOADPLUS loading computer is an effective tool for the officer onboard to handle the loading and discharging of cargo as well having full control of the vessels loading condition during the operation.

LOADPLUS is a reliable, accurate, easy to use system for calculation and control of loading, ship stability, strength & simulation of cargo distribution.
The LOADPLUS solution offers a wide range of benefits
Ffacilitates Load Planning

User operations, such as defining and editing loads, can be done simply by clicking on the tank plan on the graphics area or by using tables. This makes for effective load planning.

High Efficiency Program

Optimizes the loading and discharging of the vessel, enabling increase a cargo-carring capacity

Cuts Operating Costs

Minimizes time consuming tasks during port turnaround.
Operator can reduce the workload onboard the vessel without special computer system knowledge

High Reliability

The whole system was designed to be used by non computer oriented users such as ship officers and shore based cargo planners and No specific computer knowledge is required to operate the system.

LOADPLUS Standard Functions
The standard LOADPLUS software package includes the following functions:

Own vessel drawings (profile, section, plan)
Calculation of deadweight and displacement
Draft, trim and heel calculations
Intact stability calculations according to IMO requirements
Tabular and graphical presentation of stability calculations
Tabular and graphical presentation of stress calculations
Calculation of strength levels in relation to permissible limits
Weather criteria calculations according to IMO Res. A562
Draft survey calculation

LOADPLUS Extended Functions
LOADPLUS includes the following functions for each vessel type

For All Vessel Types:
Online interface
LOADPLUS can update loading conditions continuously by communicating with the vessel's level gauging and monitoring equipment
Damage stability and strength calculation
For analyzing strength and stability under real or simulated load condition.

For Tankers:
Cargo oil weight correction by API, SG, TEMP calculation
ASTM calculations
SQUAT calculation
Wedge formula for free water calculation
Ullage/ROB/OBQ report
Simulation of loading and discharging sequences

For Bulk Carriers:
Grain stability calculation
Cargo mass in each cargo hold or two adjacent hold calculations according to IACS UR S1A
Flooded hold calculation according to IACS UR S17
Shear force correction calculation

For M.P.C(Container):
Container lashing calculation
Automatic check of dangerous cargo
Compatible with BAPLIE files
IMDG segregation
Import/export BAPLIE files
Check over stowed container check by port rotation
Irregular stowage check

Minimum System Requirements:
CPU: Intel Pentium III 600 or higher
Memory: At last 64MB
HDD: At last 15MB free space
VGA Card: At last Ultra VGA (resolution 1024 X 768)
CD-ROM DRIVE: 2X or more speed
Monitor: 15inch or larger monitor is recommended
- Software requirement:
MS-Windows 95,9X or later version
MS-Windows NT 4.0 or later version

Loading Computer

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