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HANLA IMS seeks to make a difference as a leading company with a challenging spriit.

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Organization Chart/Contacts

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HANLA IMS Organization Chart

Providing the capability for HANLA IMS to progress in a more efficient, more professional and more diverse way.

  • CEO
    • Instrument Division
    • General Dept
      • Finance Team
      • General Affairs Team
    • System Division
    • Sales Engineering Dept
      • Shipbuilding Sales
      • Off-shore Plant
        Sales Team
      • On-shore Plant
        Sales Team
      • China Business Team
      • Customer Support
    • Environment Division
    • Design Dept
      • Instrument Design Team
      • Mechanical Design Team
      • System Design Team
    • LED Division
    • Production Dept
      • Material Procurement Team
      • Production Operation Team
      • Production Team I
      • Production Team II
      • Delivery Management Team
      • Production Innovation Team
    • Management Planning Team
    • R&D Center
    • QA Team
    • HANLA MM&E Co., Ltd
    • HANLA NMT Co., Ltd.
    • Blue Science Co., Ltd

115, Hwajeonsandan 1(il)-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea tel +82-51-601-7000 Fax +82-51-831-1850 Mail hanla@hanlaims.com

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